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Tips for Evaluating Estimates

It is important to always choose a professional, experienced painter, because bad work cannot always be repaired. It can lower your property value, and even cost you more in the long run. Alternatively, good work can help to raise your property value.

Why the lowest price is not always the “best deal”:

Dickerson Custom Painting strives to offer the best, most competitive, price for the quality of work that you will receive. If you receive a lower bid from a competitor, we encourage you to look carefully at the detail and quality of work that is being proposed. It may seem on the surface that you are being offered a “better deal” by a competitor, but a deeper look at the details may prove otherwise.

• Quality of preparation is critical to the outcome of the project. If your lower-cost bid does not include adequate preparation, you could end up unhappy with the results, and the work will need to be redone sooner, costing you more in the long run.
• Quality of product and application play a big role in the life span of your new paint job. Be sure you are clear on the quality of products included in the bid, the application method, and number of coats that will be applied.

The link below provides a printable checklist of items to consider when comparing bids.




Tips for Choosing Colors

1. Consider your objective.

• Are you putting your house on the market for sale or rent? If so, choose neutral colors, such as beige or grey, or soft earth tones. Avoid bright or unusual colors. Remember that you are trying to appeal to the largest possible percentage of potential buyers, and neutral colors are easiest to match to furniture, etc.
• Are you trying to create a mood or effect?
• Lighter colors tend to give the illusion of space and airiness, and even cleanliness. Pastels can be calming.
• Warmer, or darker, colors can give the feeling of coziness and comfort.
• Bright colors can be cheerful, but can also cause anxiety for some people, particularly in rooms where they spend a lot of time.
• Deep reds and greens have been shown in studies to make people hungry.

2. Consider the space.

• Small spaces such as bathrooms or single “accent” walls can be better locations for strong “pops” of color.
• Large expanses of walls might be better suited for more neutral colors.
• Does your room visually join another room? If so, make sure the colors of the two rooms coordinate well with each other.
• If there are features in the room that cannot be easily changed, such as tile color, choose a paint color that coordinates nicely. Even the ugliest tiles can look better in a room if the wall color is chosen to coordinate.
• Consider the lighting in the room, and try to examine samples at different times of the day.
• Consider how you use the room and how much time you spend in it. You might want to choose an “exhilarating” color for an exercise room, while picking a more calming color for a bedroom.



If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via our online form.






Tips for Evaluating Estimates


Tips for Choosing Colors



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